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OK, here it is, a story of a little girl’s dream that became a couple’s reality. Rewind: Sharon Carey always loved popcorn. She became an entrepreneur at 10 years old when she began popping popcorn and selling it from her porch.


Sharon sold popcorn for two reasons; to lure friends to her porch to hang out with her and to treat herself to more popcorn. Sharon dreamed of having a popcorn shop one day and shared that dream with her beloved Michael and they put it on the shelf but never forgot it.


Fast Forward: The little girl’s dream became a reality for her and her husband Michael when they opened the doors to I Am Popcorn on October 12, 2019 in Munster, Indiana.


The name for “I Am Popcorn” was inspired by the biblical story of Moses, and like Moses, Sharon and Michael understood from the very beginning of this endeavor that the success for I Am Popcorn was heavily dependent upon their faith in God and His provision.

So here they are today, by God’s grace, popping for you!

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